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A Viking at the Disco

"I am the Disco Viking. My Mission is to make love cool again. It's as if the primal spirit of the Viking were injected into the endless love vibes of Disco. My concern is a population collapse, so my mission is to keep the human population at replacement level with baby-making music. Aside from love and unification, my secondary mission is to prove that the Top 40 can be dominated by people who play instruments again."

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My Story

I was dubbed the "Disco Viking" by the goddess "Tracie Frank", a title I cherish and a responsibility I will honor.

Born as Conrad Harvey on a mountain in the enchanted Pisgah Forrest, my first loves were swimming in the ice-cold rivers, climbing things and talking shit. As soon as the existence of music became apparent I just wanted to boogie.

An existence spanning millennia, the craft of song has been my life since I emerged from the enchanted waters of the river. 1000 unreleased songs in almost every genre and finally my first release is upon us.

Join me in the conquest of human hearts, that we may unify our divided world and inspire the practice of making billions of babies, grooving and loving even those we disagree with. This is the path.

Our enemies will be met with love, our friends will be met with groove and our mission will live on through the music for millennia to come.

Never Forget: I Love All of you Equally, in VERY Different ways 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

ConradTheDiscoViking @ Gmail . Com

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